May 11, 2011

Look Here, Look There, Lilies

The first Lilies are always exciting.

Both true lilies and daylilies are in bloom. I chose to show only true lilies in this post. True lilies can be distinguished from daylilies by the stems and the foliage. True lilies have a single stem with leaves all the way up. Daylilies have strappy leaves in a fan from the bottom and a separate stem called a scape which holds the buds and blooms. A daylily blossom last for a single day with more buds to open on following days; true lily blossoms last for several days.

Lilies with Loropetalum foliage, great contrast.

LA lily along an Upper Garden path.

LA lilies and Rose Campion

Two views toward the south.
Seedling Camellias that finally have some size,  more lilies
and a white Crape Myrtle. Daylilies on the back side.

Oakleaf Hydrangeas to the left of the bed seen above.

Flowers and text are from the garden of Nell Jean blogged on Dotty Plants Journal in hot, humid Southwest Georgia.


Anonymous said...

I agree, the first lilies make me do the happy dance.

Elephant's Eye said...

Lovely buttery yellow lilies!

Lynn said...

Your lilies are lovely. Now I want to go get some Rose Campion to put in my garden.

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