May 08, 2011

Please Vote for Me for Okra Queen

Okra - USDA Photo in the public domain.

One year we planted so much okra -- four 100 foot rows -- that I claimed title as Okra Queen as there was no contest. As desirable as okra is in the South, we had to beg people to  come help themselves to okra. If you have never cut okra, it is like gathering stinging nettles. I do love okra: boiled, baked, fried or in soup.

My okra patch before planting

This time there are two 30 foot rows. I used old seed, really old seed, figuring that it would either be up by the time a germination test was complete, or not. It is coming up. We haven't had rain in a week.

I had the idea to make this okra patch a regular little potager with little gates and everything. The back side has sills from under the old barn as an edge. I have some cute little gate thingies that I hook onto rebar posts.

Before I could fix the little cute parts, the okra begged watering. I set up some of my handy pipe soaker/dribblers and soon filled the middle between the rows with a nice loblolly. Buffy-the-helping-Dog with her tongue hanging out in the heat recognized this as a potential cool spot. My nice bedded up rows now have big dog paw prints. I ran her out. Next I knew, she's lying between the rows in the cool damp middle where the water soaked in. As she came out when I scolded, more tracks in the okra rows!

My cute little potager gates now have non-matching posts in between and twine run through and around everything to remind her not to walk through.

We'll know in a few days whether the stepped-on places will still grow tiny plants and whether enough of my old seed comes up to make full rows.

I filled the old syrup kettle with water so Buffy can go wading instead.
It was a water feature until she decided the solar fountain was a dog toy.

I'll let you know how the okra potager turns out.
I hope to have photos soon of my own okra.
Did you know that okra is in the same family as hollyhocks and hibiscus?


Heather at Dusty Bay said...

Ok I'm doing the Okra Happy Dance for ya! Oh and no, I didn't know they were in the same family as hollyhocks (and hibiscus) how interesting! said...

I'll give you my vote!

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