May 31, 2011

Veggies in our Neighbor's Garden II

Almost a month ago I blogged about going to dig potatoes in our Neighbor's Veggie Garden.
Last week he invited me to come on Memorial Day to pick blueberries.

As I drove in, I spotted a Tiger Swallowtail nectaring on a Mimosa tree.

Tomatoes corraled.


Blueberry bush

Not only did I pick blueberries but he offered veggies, too.
Squash plant.

Too early for eggplants, but fruits are forming.

The yellowish plants to the left are green beans, the flat kind.
I was invited to pick a whole row; the son-in-law had picked the rest.

Cucumbers are plentiful; that's an eggplant nearest the camera.

He cut an enormous cabbage for me to take home. I had never seen a cabbage with
small cabbages growing around the base. There were enough tiny cabbages for
us to eat for supper like brussels sprouts but with more delicate flavor.

The youngest of their 3 granddaughters was visiting.
It was a grand Memorial Day.


gld said...

Nell, we should all be so lucky to have such a generous neighbor.

I would love to see how he 'corrals' the tomatoes. They are always a problem for me to keep tied up.

cathysue said...

that way of corralling looks a lot easier than mine. oooh blueberries. i've never even seen a blueberry bush much less eaten fresh ones!

Karen said...

Hi Nell

Lovely post!
I learned to corral my tomatoes that way in the Master Gardeners program...they grew so high that they formed an 8ft. "wall". I needed a ladder to be able to reach the top to pick the tomatoes!

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