May 20, 2011

Where the Lilies Blow

I have desired to go
Where springs not fail,
To fields where flies no sharp and sided hail
And a few lilies blow. --Gerald Manley Hopkins

'Lilies of the Field' (gladioli) grow along the fence at an old house site.
These glads have persisted uncared for, for more than 50 years.

Inside the fence, mowing revealed large drifts of silvery Silk Grass, which is unhurt by mowing.
Silk Grass blooms in the fall.  
The woods are shrouded in shadows as the sun sinks to the west.

He-who-mows left patches of lantanta and mimosa vine while taking out wisteria vines by the acre.

Paw paw grows in the firebreak.

Back in the Garden, Dazzle has commenced bloom.

Flowers and text are from the garden of Nell Jean blogged on Dotty Plants Journal in hot, humid Southwest Georgia.

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