May 14, 2011

Woods Trail Ride

I was taking still photos as we rode through the woods when I got the idea to make little videos instead to give a feel for traveling through the woods.  
Vines -- probably grape vines, maybe poison ivy?

Various hardwoods and understory shrubs.

I divided the vids into short segments so you can ride all the way, stopping and starting again or just take one short ride just to see.
We are already well into the woods when this starts.

Still going and the woods get denser.

Now we are at woods edge and the trees are more open.
In the next segment, we go faster...

On out into the meadow and stop to look at the following:

I don't visit this area every day, but frequently.
There are pine forests in front of our house. These have no pines, all hardwoods.
In a different time, small woods were prized for shade for cattle and hogs.

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Anonymous said...

Next video in the woods, I'll ask him to drive more slowly and I'll comment on what we're seeing, which is mostly hardwood trees and beautyberry, lots of poison ivy.

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