June 02, 2011

Requiem for an Armadillo

As I finished up a long day of watering, the dog came running up the field road from the highway, tail held like a banner, joyfully carrying a prize. I caught a whiff of very dead armadillo. She set it down by a crape myrtle when she realized by the tone of my shouts that she was not carrying something acceptable. As she gave me a wide berth, I went for post hole digger and shovel, and newspapers.

About eight inches down out in the field, I realized that digging a hole in the heat covered with gnats was going to be a really unpleasant task. I dragged a hose over and filled the hole with water. As it soaked in I dug deeper until there was a hole roughly the shape of a map of Florida to accomodate an armadillo and his tail. The shell was flat. I am guessing that the critter was run over on the highway and buzzards picked the shell clean, leaving only the smell.

When the hole was finally better than two feet deep, I lifted the remains in the newspaper and tossed it into the grave. Not only did I refill the hole, I put on extra dirt. I dragged the little red wagon over and turned it upside down over the site. Anything to make it just a little harder for Buffy to dig up the armadillo as she did the last one that I didn't bury quite so deeply.

Armadillos are still digging everywhere I water. One down.

Why did the chicken cross the road? To show 'possoms and armadillos it could be done.

Late note: An armadillo was finally in the trap this morning. He has been dispatched. Enough of  holes the size of a coffee mug and larger all over the garden.

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Leaving you with something prettier than an armadillo:

Pictures and text are from the garden of Nell Jean blogged on Dotty Plants Journal in hot, humid Southwest Georgia.


Karen said...

Yikes! Armadillo? I thought we had it bad with gophers and rabbits!
Doesn't sound like fun Nell!
The photo of white flowers-Gardenia?


Grower Jim said...

I see a few armadillos around here, but I have more of a problem with raccoons. They not only dig holes, but also turn over pots and dump the plants out!

I Blog Here & Here too