June 18, 2011

Those Eyes! Those Ears!

I have a permanent residence in the past. Today I reminisced about the history of this daylily, gifted to my MIL some 45 years ago by a cousin who had begun collecting daylilies, even hybridizing some of her own. This particular daylily was precious to MIL who thought the name, Bride Elect just so sophisticated. Katie Lou's crosses are long ago lost. Bride Elect turned up again when I saw daylily foliage where the old bed used to be and wondered if it could be....
Bride Elect, hybridized by Frank Childs, 1955 
I am particularly fond of daylilies with an eye.

Still feeling reminiscent, I went out to the corn field where Farmer Danny said I might find corn to eat.
My FIL used to go to the field with instructions to bring 12 dozen ears. He always brought 250 in case some were too hard. Usually they weren't. The shucks went to the cows. 
I picked not quite 3 dozen ears. By the time the kernels were off the cob, I could hardly believe I used to cut 20 dozen. There were more of us to eat corn back then.

Deer nibble at the ends.
Danny said raccoons also help themselves and
sometimes break the cornstalks over.

It's a long way to the other end.

Did I mention we had rain yesterday? Total for the week is 0.45 inches. We had wind and thunder and lightning, too.

Flowers, veggies and text are from the garden of Nell Jean blogged on Dotty Plants Journal in hot, humid Southwest Georgia.

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