July 21, 2011

Butterfly Pizzaria Video and Butterfly Poll

On recent butterfly videos, I've spoken. This one muted me, but you may listen for the buzz of an insect and a bird's call. Then watch the reaction of the butterflies when an auto speeds by on the paved road.

Butterflies here continue to nectar on Tithonia almost exclusively while Lantana montevidensis, Verbena bonariensis, Duranta, Pentas and Crocosmia in the same vicinity are mostly ignored.

Gulf Fritiallaries on Tithonia -- a Butterfly Pizzaria
I think they like Tithonia because they can just sit on the blossom and get plenty of nectar.

The primary butterflies seen are Gulf Fritillaries and Pipevine Swallowtails. Spicebush Swallowtails are increasing. Skippers abound. Little Dogface Sulphurs are around and I see a rare Tiger and Zebra.

Passionflower fruit about the size of a lime at woods edge.
Somebody has been chewing on the leaves.
Curiously, when I went to check on the butterfly population in the wild areas
I saw only one Gulf Frit, on Ironweed.

Buckeyes and American Painted Ladies have all but disappeared since the weather got so hot but they were here ahead of Swallowtails earlier in the summer. They should return when new broods hatch. Some of their host plants disappeared in the recent drought. I hope the zealous mowing by He-who-mows did not destroy some habitat. He gets anxious about rattlesnakes when the meadows get tall and mows a little further out.

What butterflies are you seeing in your garden during such hot weather? There's a poll on the sidebar for your input. If you leave a comment as well, we'll know where the butterflies are showing up.

Thank you for your interest and participation. It's never too hot to go outside and look at butterflies. Wear a hat, don't stay too long and drink plenty of iced tea when you come inside.



kenju said...

I always love seeing your photos!

Thanks for the link to the wedding; it is gorgeous and I love the photo of the two little girls - and the groom's and groomsmen's socks!!

janie said...

We have a derth of butterflies here. We have not had butterflies for the past year. I don't know why. Very sad.

janie said...

Your pictures and videos are great. I love that tithonia!

gld said...

The one on the tithonia is well camouflaged! Perfect match in color.

We are having more butterflies in this hot and dry summer than in many years.

Hanni said...

Great post - I don't know the names of any butterflies really, and am always asking myself, "Is that a butterfly or a moth?" :)

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