July 20, 2011

Fig Cookies

I wasted several minutes looking up the phrase, "... don't give a fig," and traced its heritage back to Shakespeare and beyond before I decided not discuss all that but just to tell you about my fig cookies.

I adapted a recipe for Italian fig cookies that I found online. Very simple to make, unlike the fig newtons which want a rolled and cut dough and cooked fig filling. Just cream a stick of  butter and a cup of Splenda, add an egg, dump in two cups of self rising flour and a teaspoon of ground cloves -- if you have cloves. I used Apple Pie spice. Fold in a cup of chopped figs and a half cup of walnuts. The first time, I used too many figs and chopped them first instead of last: disaster. This time I used barely ripe figs and cut them in quarters just before I added them.  They held their shape.

We've given away figs until the neighbors are avoiding us. I cooked some in light syrup and put in the freezer for DH's winter breakfasts. Pears are beginning to ripen and he's in favor of pear preserves now. I found a recipe for figs stuffed with parmesan cheese wrapped in bacon and baked until the bacon is crisp from a fancy restaurant in I think it was Houston. Sounds tasty.

A second crop is coming on. During the recent rain, ripe
figs swelled and burst, to the delight of the birds.
They get the ones I can't reach that are not hidden among the leaves down low.

Flowers and text are from the garden of Nell Jean blogged on Dotty Plants Journal in hot, humid Southwest Georgia.


Alison said...

I bought some figs for the first time at the grocery store the other day. A different-tasting fruit, I thought it would taste more like the insides of a Fig Newton. I'm trying to avoid cookies, but the fig wrapped in bacon with Parmesan sounds yummy!

janie said...

I do a treat with dried dates, cheese and bacon. I bet the figs are just as tasty.

I'm gonna try those cookies. We are getting a lot of figs now. Our trees are finally bearing.

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