July 17, 2011

Ike and Julia and a Backup Plan

Ike the Cat followed me around the garden. I heard Mockingbirds scolding. I couldn't see Ike, but I saw Black eyed Susans waving. Ike was hiding while he chewed a bit of Lemon Grass. Cymbopogon is a fav of both the cat and dog. I pot up a clump for the greenhouse and they chew it all winter.

Lemon Grass is a fav of mine, too. I've had a hard time
taking to grasses. Cymbopogon makes a pretty bluish clump.

Julia Child is my fav Floribunda.

Another look at Julia

I moved two Mariesii Hydrangeas at the beginning of summer. What I thought was a shady spot got middday and early afternoon sun. Despite copious watering, they dried up and died. I had a backup plan. I've killed these before when I moved the first cuttings that had rooted so well when I stuck them in the ground. I took cuttings again. These have put on new growth. Now to make a plan for keeping them alive through the winter. When they reach blooming size, they have blue lacecap blossoms.

Mariesii in a previous year, cutting grown 

Flowers and text are from the garden of Nell Jean blogged on Dotty Plants Journal in hot, humid Southwest Georgia.


gld said...

Nell, you need to share with us cutting challenged gardeners how to do this successfully.

I have an Annabelle I would love to increase.

I am having the same experience with sun and a bird bath. I have moved it the third time....still get too much sun. I could cook eggs in the water.

NellJean said...

Glenda, I kind of belong to the 'stick it in some soil' school of cutting rooters.

Cuttings start in the shade, of course.
It does help to cut just below a node.
Rooting hormone helps.
Try not to let the cutting dry out. I make a little greenhouse from a Biscotti container sometimes. Sometimes I just mist the cuttings.
Know that not every cutting will 'take.' Usually.

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