July 28, 2011

Laura Pedlum Is Back and Still Lovely

One of the most frequent searches that finds my blog is for Laura Pedlum. My Loropetalum pictures in full bloom are sometimes downloaded. I noticed today that one is already putting on the little fringes that we usually begin to see in August, a rebloom of the spring show but with fewer flowers.

Hot pink fringes of Loropetalum against lilac pink blooms of Crape Myrtle. A few Loropetalum leaves are already turning red.

Around the pump house I have a border of shrubs with white blossoms which includes a white Loropetalum. It isn't blooming now.  Reblooming is a white Crape Myrtle.

Janie had mentioned the scent of white Crape Myrtle. This morning before the sun was hot and everything was still damp from dew, the fragrance was wonderful in the shade.

White Crape Myrtle and a bottle tree in the pumphouse bed.

White Crape on the right in the front garden.

Loropetalum blooms before the Azalea show starts in Spring and lasts past the last Azaleas. As years pass, Loropetalum tends to grow into trees unless pruned hard.

Loropetalum in bloom in the early spring.

Laura Pedlum is a welcome visitor. She has come to stay.

Butterflies are welcome visitors, too. Here's a Spicebush Swallowtail happily working Pride of Barbados. He is momentarily joined by another butterfly who soon flies off to a greener vista.

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A real bottle tree!

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