July 14, 2011

Workaround for a Rose Grower

A workaround is a bypass of a recognized problem in a system. A workaround is typically a temporary fix that implies that a genuine solution to the problem is needed. Frequently workarounds are as creative as true solutions, involving outside the box thinking in their creation. -- definition from Wikipedia.

I discovered a blog and blogger, new to Blotanical. Well, the blogger is new. Somehow the blog didn't have a feed that was picked up so the blog isn't listed. RevRoses is one of our new members and is in the New Member list but his blog:

Red Dirt Roses

isn't listed in New Blogs or the Alpha List.

Somehow his Blot Sprout listing put his own name as his Mentor. He didn't know he was supposed to have a Mentor. I sent him to Feedburner to look at feeds info. That is as much help as I can give when it comes to feeds. Wait, I've discovered an important fact. Blogs waiting for approval from a Mentor get listed as a new blogger, but their feed isn't added until they're given that approval. I don't know a workaround for that if you are your own Mentor.

Please visit and give Scott a welcome and look at his posts of Roses and more Roses in Oklahoma.

Greggo, Grouchy, HolleyGarden, Masha and Redneck Rosarian, among others, found him before I did. Thanks to everybody who is paying attention.


Elephant's Eye said...

If he goes to his Plot, clicks My Blogs, then Edit, he has to say yes to feed. I wonder if that will help?

Elephant's Eye said...

Scratch that. He doesn't have a My Blogs to click. Stuart??!!

Rev Roses said...

Thanks for the welcome Dotty and the request for help. I had about given up on blotanist but I can see that there is a very committed group of participants.

NellJean said...

I started looking at the list of new Blotantists and realized that a majority of the New do not have a blog listed on their Plot. I hope this is very very temporary.

I expect that glitches are leading to more glitches now. I wish we would get a word or two of encouragement that we could pass on.

I Blog Here & Here too