August 04, 2011

Night Blooming Cereus

The cat and I show you a jungle cactus about to bloom.

Epiphyllum oxypetalum from Jean Campbell on Vimeo.

By midnight, the blossoms were fully open. I cut them and kept them overnight in the refrigerator
to share with friends the next day. Otherwise, they would have closed in the morning light. 

Flowers and text are from the garden of Nell Jean blogged on Dotty Plants Journal in hot, humid Southwest Georgia.


Eddie said...

They are beautiful in bloom! And smelly as a brothel.

NellJean said...

I put the blooms in the spare refrigerator overnight and carried them around the next day to show them off. The following day I went to get some pears out of the same refrigerator and there was still that overwhelming, spicy fragrance. Thanks Eddie, now I know what it smelled like, lol.

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