September 07, 2011

The News Is Out: Bulbs

Ice Follies

We went to the City. Big Box Club had a huge display of bulbs. I tore myself away from bags of tulip bulbs and King Alfred. I could not resist a box of 30 hyacinths, 25 paperwhites in a box and a cute bag endorsed by P. Allen Smith with 10 Ice Follies, 8 Yellow Cheerfulness daffodils; 12 Dutch Iris Blue Ribbon, 8 Delft Blue Hyacinths and a dozen white Muscari botryoides Album. The bag garden has a  handdrawn plan on the back. I'll just stick them here and there.

I'm always amused that the little bags with photos on the front hold about a third of the bulbs necessary to reproduce the pictures, at best.

The paperwhites and hyacinths are for forcing. Mixed hyacinths, but all the bulbs look as if they will produce a blue or purple blossom which is fine with me. I usually divide my mixed hyacinths into groups by bulb color. The whites and yellows are pale bulbs, the reddish bulbs are pink. Blue and purple are obvious.

Amaryllis 2009

I still have to order hippeastrum. Can never make up my mind. Do I want all white this year? Peach shades? Red and darker red? Appleblossom that old standard pink?

Flowers and text are from the garden of Nell Jean blogged on Dotty Plants Journal in hot, humid Southwest Georgia.

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