November 09, 2011

It Isn't Christmas without a Bowl of Paperwhites

I blogged about my Paperwhites on Seedscatterer II. I had so many pics I thought I would put them here, no duplicates. If you need to know details on how to force narcissus in time for Christmas, the discussion is on Seedscatterer II here.

All that is needed is a waterproof container, some charcoal,
paperwhite narcissus bulbs and water.
No prechilling is needed.

The monkey container is painted tin. I use a large plastic
butter tub as a liner to prevent rusting. The cobalt blue
canister lost its lid. Ceramic, it doesn't need a liner.

The white pots on the potting bench shelf would be great for forcing bulbs. I use them as cache pots
as they have no drain hole. Maybe I'll put some hyacinths in them. Hyacinth bulbs are chilling until December in a refrigerator that holds no fruit, along with potted tulips.

I use river stones for support. Flat marbles
will work and add some glitter.

All are potted and water added up to the
bottom of the bulb.

the Casserole with the butterflies would make a good container
for forced bulbs if it wasn't full of alternanther cuttings.

The glass cylinders came in a kit with amaryllis bulbs
last year. I do not recommend forcing amaryllis in water.

Flowers and text are from the garden of Nell Jean blogged on Dotty Plants Journal in hot, humid Southwest Georgia.


Karen said...

I have never tried forcing bulbs for the winter, but I adore them in the stores when I see them all in bloom in the dead of winter. This is a great tutorial!

Karin / Southern Meadows said...

I will have to try this out. I have never forced bulbs but think they are so pretty during the holidays!

Autumn Belle said...

Seeing this lovely post of yours gives me the ideas. Maybe I'll try growing hyacinths and narcisus again this year. Last year they were dormant and decayed away in my own living room.

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