November 29, 2011

Tuesday with Tootsie and Rock Rose

Read 'Em All Tuesdays is the proper name. I think of it as Tuesdays with Tootsie and Friends.

The friend I'm bringing today is Rock Rose, so named because she gardens in a rocky part of Texas. She brought in her tender plants in anticipation of a hard freeze. One of the most interesting is a tree with lemons on it. Her kewl greenhouse is so stuffed she says there's no room for anything else. You'll have to go visit her blog to see all the plants.

Here's what Rock Rose says about herself:
"I garden on a rocky hillside in Central Texas. There are many challenges but ... I have learnt that every garden has its challenges. Born in England my love of gardening came from my paternal grandfather. He had, and tended a beautiful garden.  I love travel too. There is nothing like the open road and a wonderful campsite at the end of the day. Traveling with our airstream Safari allows us to visit and stay within some of the most spectacular scenery in the United States. A home cooked meal and our very own bed is just an added bonus."

Rock Rose also blogs about her travels and that cooking she mentioned.

Visit Tootsie to see the rest of the friends who are being introduced on Read 'Em All Tuesdays #4.

Text from the garden of Nell Jean blogged on Dotty Plants Journal in cool Southwest Georgia but not freezing. Yet.


Karen said...

Can't wait to visit the rocks in your Read 'em All Tuesday spotlight. Thank you for the introduction!

richardwil45 said...
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