December 19, 2011

Pleasures of December

Hippeastrum blooms are big and bold. They don't always bloom true to the red or pink on the box. Every bloom is a delight, no matter what shade of pink, orange or red they may be, or white.

Hyacinths show promise of January treats to follow Amaryllis
Next year maybe I'll start them earlier to bloom at Christmas.

One by one tiny Pentas cuttings root and bloom.
I pot them as they root. Ruby, my favorite red is ready.

A mockingbird was trying to go into the roof vent today. His companion flew away when I approached but he kept on until I shooed him away. Maybe they think this is a bird condo. I don't think a potted gardenia will support a mockingbird nest. Abandoned nests are everywhere: in the Camellias, the pear trees, the grape arbor, dogwoods. December is not nesting time.

Flowers and text are from the garden of Nell Jean blogged on Dotty Plants Journal in warm, humid Southwest Georgia.

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Autumn Belle said...

I didn't know that pentas can be propagated by cuttings. I was waiting futilely for my plants to produce seeds. Actually I was thinking about this, so thanks for the tips. The lilies are pretty and looking at your hyacinth just reminded me of a bulb (narcisus?) that I tried to grow in January but nothing came out of the bulb. Maybe it had an abortion?

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