January 09, 2012

Lichens, Moss and Stones, Part I

Before I show you the lichens and things I made pics today, let me introduce another stone, Stone the Gardener. Stone gardens somewhere just north of me a hundred or so miles, I think. He's a new member at Blotanical and has had a real problem getting a blog site that will show up in Blotanical's feeds. We're hoping the coming Blotanical changes will make him easier to find and pick and enjoy. You'll find him in the Alphabetical List under S. He says he shows up in New Blogs. I couldn't find that.

When I was reading my feeds this morning, somebody mentioned lichens. It set me off to go look for some outside.
Bits of lichen fall off trees onto the ground.
I feel compelled to pick up pieces of bark with lichens, limbs with great growths of lichens and ferns and other stray bits even when I don't have a use for them. 

Stones start with algae, then lichens and mosses.
Our limestone boulders erode away in interesting patterns.

The stone above is surrounded with Rose
Campion and Ghost Plant, whose tones complement.

The layers of this stone are one of my fav patterns.
Interesting weeds and seedlings surround my stones.
The narcissus above was a mistake. It came with a summer blooming bulb, foliage of the summer bulbs are noticeable around the stone.  I'm working on the idea of having summer bulbs and early spring bulbs in the same areas to bring two seasons of bloom.

Not only stones, but ancient fence posts have lichens.

I didn't find British Soldiers. I think they'll be along when the weather turns colder. 

Next post I'll show lichens, moss and trees: some live trees, some used for other purposes.

Can you imagine what this is, now developing a nice patina?

Flowers and text are from the garden of Nell Jean blogged on Dotty Plants Journal in warm, humid Southwest Georgia.

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Thank you for the mention.
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