January 25, 2012

Outcome Based Hyacinth Bulb Plans for Fall 2012

I've decided. No more hyacinths in water and stones. Some of mine in water turned out beautifully, but the most spectacular are in pots of potting soil with a bit of florist's moss over the surface mostly for decoration.

These smell heavenly. Not all hyacinths have the same fragrance.

I've forced hyacinths for years in ceramic containers of water and stones and in pinched-waist bulb vases. Results continue to come in daily but I'm satisfied that soil is preferable. Growing in water is a novelty. Bulbs grown in soil can go directly into the garden without needing a recovery period of at least a year before blooming the second season.

Pinch-waist hyacinth vases over my tea/coffee bar.

 This picture was taken last week.

These in stones and water.

Bulbs chilled loose in a paper bag.
After 8 weeks, potted in soil.
Yesterday, in full bloom after about 6 weeks.

What I've decided is the ideal is about 3 hyacinth bulbs to a pot. A pot that will accommodate 3 good bulbs will allow room for good root growth. Bulbs put to chill mid-September would be ready to pot at Thanksgiving and should bloom late December or in January.

Now I'm waiting to see if my potted tulips are going to bloom. The ones in the clay pot are lagging behind the ones in a plastic pot in putting on growth.

Flowers and text are from the garden of Nell Jean blogged on Dotty Plants Journal in humid Southwest Georgia where it may freeze again soon.

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