January 07, 2012

Scattered Seeds among the Weeds

Weeds are a fact of life for a gardener. How they're treated varies from garden to garden.

There are some weeds that I would ban if I could: Florida betony. Chickweed. Chamberbitter. I don't even give them the honor of botanical names.

I made a photo to show the progress of my broken pot planter. The first thing I noticed was that the Sedum acre I added to it brought along chickweed seed. Everything is coming along except the Brazilian ruellia which is sullen. I keep dropping in another leaf from Graptopetalum when one breaks off. Kalanchoe is growing but I see no buds so far.

Chickweed is among the sown seeds like poppies coming up in my beds.
The good news is that hot sun discourages chickweed and spring annuals like larkspur grow taller.
I'll be pulling chickweed in hopes of reducing the number of seeds it leaves.

Goodies and baddies vie for space.

Larkspur is prominent here. I make daily visits to see what has emerged and pull some weeds on every visit. I'm more concerned with removing chickweed than I am henbit. I'll leave wild corydalis as it dies quickly after it blooms and the little yellow blooms are an attractive native. Sometimes I have to let weeds grow for a while to identify what goes and what stays.

My next cold-day project is to make a list of seeds to order, including spinach, okra and peppers.
My next warm-day project is to prepare a bed at a time layering newspaper and mulch to smother weeds before time to plant tender annuals. Need to sift some compost, too.

What are your projects?

Flowers and text are from the garden of Nell Jean blogged on Dotty Plants Journal in chilly Southwest Georgia where we hope for rain soon.

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Gardens-In-The-Sand said...

Nice looking seedlings... my larkspur are mixed in with the carolina geraniums, which makes interesting weeding... and the cat insists on helping... :b
I may need to shoot my weed piles after reading this... I've shot them b4, and they never look like something I'd care to post.

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