February 25, 2012

Some Like It Hothouse

It was rainy yesterday, so I puttered in the greenhouse. I planted up some Pentas that rooted in water. There are more than a dozen potted up about 3 weeks ago, already looking green and putting on new growth. Curiously, the cuttings that root in water will bloom in water but put on no growth.

According to Tom and his Almanac, yesterday was an ideal day to plant veggies that grow above the ground. I seeded six cells each of Super Bush tomato, Little Prince eggplant and Jewel Toned bell peppers. I'm planning that these will successfully grow in containers and can come into the greenhouse for at least part of next winter.

The bell pepper seeds are color coded: yellow seed = Admiral Golden Bell, greenseed = Vidi Crimson Bell and Pink seed = Valencia Orange bell. Renee's Seeds provided all these.

I seeded 6 cells each of flat parsley and chives. Seed by a famous vendor, bought by me.

More plans for next winter are to have Pelargoniums. I am seeing hothouse-grown geraniums (pelargoniums) on the Swedish blogs. Speaking of geraniums, I saw a wild geranium bloom on a plant outside today. I pulled it up.
Begonia, new shoot on Shell Ginger and Staghorn Fern

Begonias have bloomed the whole winter inside.  Alyssum blooms well inside planted in the edges of pots of non-blooming flowers like asparagus fern. Kalanchoe came into bloom after Christmas and is long lasting. I potted up two Stachytarpeta cuttings that bloomed in water as they rooted and cut off the bloom spikes.

Duranta blooms on a rooted cutting

Duranta cuttings rooted in soil have bloomed all winter. They'll go outside when the weather warms and I'll start new cuttings in late summer. Butterflies can't seem to get enough Duranta so I keep planting more.

Potted Pentas cuttings

Ruby Red, the butterflies' fav Pentas

Flowers and text are from the garden of Nell Jean blogged on Dotty Plants Journal in hot, humid Southwest Georgia.


gld said...

What a lot of plants you have going. The only thing I am familiar with, of course, is the begonia.

Naturegirl said...

Great start to your Spring plantings! I am here in AZ and upon returning to my summer home in Canada I too shall be planting seeds indoor for the veggie garden. Thank you for your generous comment on my blog! A pleasure to meet you! Anna

Nutty Gnome said...

It looks like you're a few weeks ahead of us..and far more organised in the greenhouse than me!
I love all those hyacinths in the previous post too - must plant some more in my garden (and hope that the squirrels don't eat them again!)

Ally said...

Looks like you have lots going on in your greenhouse. Do you have your shade cloth up yet? I was caught off guard when temps shot up to 88 degrees last Thursday here is Texas. My greenhouse was 108 degrees with every door, window, and vent wide open, plus 2 fans. Yikes. Needless to say, my shade cloth is up now.

NellJean said...

I don't use shade cloth. When it gets too hot outside for plant comfort inside, everybody goes outside. Some few candidates may have to come back in if there's a cool night, which I anticipate. The humidity here is such that everybody is happier outside. We're putting a big fan in the east end today to take us into spring.

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