February 03, 2012

Tiptoe to the Tulips

I can hardly wait for tulips to bloom, first in three years I've tried.
I moved them outside because it gets so warm in the greenhouse.
At night I move the tulips inside again because of the squirrels.
Baby Buffy ate the last tulips I planted. She's better behaved now.

Kalanchoe in almost full bloom. I rooted 2 pieces that broke off.

The blue hyacinths are done. I planted them in the garden, along with all
some were planted in stones and water or pinch-waist glasses of water.

These did equally well in water and stones as those in soil.

Next year I plan to plant all in soil so they are in better shape to
go in the garden once blooms fade.

Lantana montevidensis cuttings for planting out early.

Three little pieces broke off my Epiphyllum. They rooted easily
and have new growth already. The piece in the center was very
yellow. I almost threw it away. Once it rooted, it greened up.

Pink Hyacinths are blooming in the garden as well, along with
some Blue Delft. Some are barely out of the ground. Hyacinths
have a long season if you use several cultivars.

Flowers and text are from the garden of Nell Jean blogged on Dotty Plants Journal in cool, humid Southwest Georgia.


Andrea said...

Hi Neal Jean, your water hyacinths are so very beautiful. We cannot grow all your bulbs here, but just see the imported cutflowers. But i also have your Epiphyllum which i just planted early this rainy season. They are also growing beautifully and hopefully i will get flowers in 2 years, just like yours. Let's compare whose will flower first.

Karen said...

Oh, Flowers! What a sight for sore eyes. You have a gorgeous greenhouse and a great talent, Nell Jean!

NellJean said...

I'll watch for your Epi blooms, Andrea. These cuttings may go to friends, as I have two big pots that faithfully bloom starting each June or July. They bloom off and on even after they go in the glasshouse in the fall, but after first freeze, no blooms until the next summer.

NellJean said...

Thanks, Karen, it is a labor of love for growing things. I try hard for blossoms and fragrance.

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