March 04, 2012

Big Wind: Ventilating Fan for the Greenhouse

We've had an unusually warm winter. Roof vents on the greenhouse and a portable fan were hardly enough to keep little plants I'm holding from suffering in the heat. He-who-mows installed a vent fan in the end of the greenhouse.

Louvers in place before fan is placed.

We used a fan and shutters that were no longer used for their original purpose. We made a cardboard template to cut the polycarbonate wall and caulked the outside when the louvers were in place. 

 Something to crow about: steel angle reinforments to help strengthen the walls and hold the fan.

Another view of the bracing fastened to the aluminum GH frame.
The fan frame is fastened to the steel bracing.

A broad view. All plants are still not back in place.

All this done, I had to move back in one of my little heaters. Tonight and tomorrow night we expect temps as low as 35F degrees. Daytimes we will need the fan when the sun comes out.

If you need information on Greenhouse Heating, Cooling and Ventilation I recommend sites provided by Extension Services in a state that discusses the zone in which you garden. Their literature addresses figuring capacity, rates of air movement, and other factors to take into consideration with equations for doing so.

Flowers and text are from the garden of Nell Jean blogged on Dotty Plants Journal in hot, humid Southwest Georgia.


Ally said...

The Texas heat sent me scrambling for a way to cool things down in my greenhouse as well. This has been one crazy winter. My 24 inch fan and vent system was not doing the job, so my DH (Darling Husband), assisted me with installing 75% shade cloth on the south roof. This has helped some. Temperatures have been a little more normal lately. Hopefully, we can save the upper 80's for June where they belong.

Clint Baker said...

Thank you so much for stopping by "The Redeemed Gardener" today! I look forward to ready and following your blog as well. God Bless!

I Blog Here & Here too