March 30, 2012

Planting Out Rooted Treasures

Before the rain came, I planted out more than a half dozen of rooted pink Pentas, the ones Susie calls 'Miss Julie's Favorite." I did see a dark swallowtail darting around, so butterflies are still about. On the other side of the oval lawn I planted out most of the pink begonias and all of the white wax begonias kept over the winter. I pinched off lots of pieces to root among the leggier begonia specimens.

Pictures above are from January.

After the rain, I planted the two cycads that have new foliage.

Cycad pups from my friend and neighbor, Miss Cotele.
I was surprised to pull them out from behind the shelves on the north side of the greenhouse last month and find new leaves were forming on these two. They've come on quickly. They rooted well.

 One of the pups put on a single frond last summer. I planted it out about two weeks ago. It had great roots but no sign of new growth. I think the general rule is to cut off that old frond and wait for more growth. One that I pulled out of the pot last fall to see if they really had roots, did. I broke the roots. It suffered a backset and will remain in the shade in its pot until it shows signs of new growth. Sometimes I am worse than a little kid.

Gardenia in the black 4-gallon pot went into the ground in the Upper Garden. It has buds but is looking sad from a long winter. I wondered if I could bring it into bloom in the greenhouse. Not so without supplemental light to fool it into thinking it was June. It will bloom at the same time as the gardenias outside so I planted it out. A gardenia from a florist, I don't think it will be so tender that it won't survive here.  I have not tried to root cuttings from it.

I really prefer the old gardenia with the big blossoms that has been here for decades. It roots easily. Come June, there is gardenia fragrance in every direction. Janie gave me the idea for Gardenia hedges. Who'd have thought? Home Depot had 'Gardenia trees' when I was there last week. I tried pruning two of mine up as trees once. They didn't like that notion. The ones for sale didn't look happy, either. The trunks were rough looking and one had broken off at soil level.  

Gardenias, last June

Oh, so many plans and plants!

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