April 30, 2012

First Views, May 2012

In the midst of emptying the greenhouse of container veggies, I went out and made First Views pics for Town Mouse's meme. Pretend that you came to visit and caught me unaware -- nothing deadheaded, nothing swept or edged, just green blousy trees and other delights of Spring.

The Upper Garden with Oakleaf Hydrangeas left, 'White
Dawn' Rose in the middle and 'Little Gem' Magnolia in the
distance at right. Smells good out here.

Moving in closer, you can see spots of color including 'Silver Veil' daylilies.
I went back and changed these to a size that doesn't hang over the sidebar.
You might click on one if you need a closer look.
I can't decide whether to change the layout for bigger pics.

Looking to the right, you see blueberry bushes to the left, pear trees and some assorted shrubs including loropetalum. The thin dark green ribbon along the tree lines is 30 acres of corn. Perspective is lost in the distance.

 Looking left you see the path to the Front Garden.
We are going to walk around this little semi-circular
bed where we're standing on the Oval Lawn to
see a surprise.

Last month I showed two Cycad pups that had put out green fronds.
The biggest pup that had one old frond from last summer when it put on first roots has decided to show just what it could do.

Cycad fronds!
Echinacea in the shade is not yet making much of
a show. It's blooming in the Front Garden. 

Echinacea in the sunshine has started to show up well with
Salmon Sheen daylilies in front of Carefree Delight Rose.

It was intentional to put the golden cones of Purple Coneflower with Salmon
Sheen daylilies. California poppes are just an added bonus.

I tried to keep to broad views; this last one just tasted too good not to share. 


Town Mouse said...

Great fun, NellJean. I actually did click on some of these, and enjoyed the green views and the oakleaf hydrangeas. And of course the daylillies are amazing - the yellow ones we have here seem like a starving cousin of your beauties (not enough water...)

Thanks for joining!

Kate said...

I'm glad you threw in one close up! I couldn't resist either.

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