April 29, 2012

A Last Look in April, the Journal

April was a busy month. We had a few cool nights but most days were warm.

Rose de Rescht

Roses bloomed. My favorites are fragrant.

We saw snakes, from a Spreading adder to a Rattlesnake, the only one we dispatched and only because he was heading toward the house. Yesterday I saw a mockingbird scolding and chasing a big black Rat Snake. Seeing a non-poisonous snake is a good reminder to watch out for the bad kind.

 I'm planting out flowers from the greenhouse.
When I planted out the two pots  (top of pic) of
agapanthus from the greenhouse,
I realized that one in the ground has a bud.

Daylilies are blooming everywhere, every color.
Red, pink, yellow, orange, purple.
The eyed one above is Siloam Ury Winniford.
I gave it the garden name of 'Miss Winnie'
for my dear friend.

First blossom on a brugmansia
-- Angel's Trumpet.
Reminds me of a ballerina's dress.

We were discussing the area next the carport ledge.
He-who-mows said, "We can't cut these down.
Your Mama planted them." (She planted the original
petunias in 1978.) They return faithfully. She
called them 'Washpot petunias,' a true
passalong plant. 

I wonder if anybody will be as sentimental about anything I've planted here.
Will anybody treasure the seedling camellias, the rooted gardenias; the Pride of Barbados and Tecoma stans from seed from Texas; the daylilies from seed from another garden, the flowering Pomegranate and Lilacina crape myrtles I rescued from elsewhere on the property?  

Join the fun and Flaunt Your Flowers with Tootsie.

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lovely blooms ~ popping over from another gardeners blog to say hello! i host a garden party on Thursday's & would love to see you share your posts and visit others too! Hope you are having a great week! xoox, tracie

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