April 15, 2012

Now That April's Here GBBD

Spring came quickly, left soonest. We had a few cool nights this week but it feels like summer. The glorious spring bloom fest is over. All the bulbs, all flowering trees are done. Summer's Hydrangea quercifolia is coming into bloom early.

Confederate jasmine Trachelospermum jasminoides hangs heavily on the air.

Maybe it's overpowering because there is so
much of it.

Pentas and Verbena bonariensis.

I've been planting out Pentas as they come into bloom. Next fall I'll label all my cuttings. I can recognize they are Pentas but forgot that I might want to plant by color. Three more of this pale pink have bloomed to add to this bed next week.

A mild winter did little to encourage fall-sown annuals. Poppies
are not as plentiful this year, except for California poppies,
here with Salvia farinacea 'Victoria' and Echinacea.

Daylilies are blooming early this year.

A daffodil walk becomes a daylily walk as daffodil foliage fades and daylilies come into bloom. My daffodil/daylily walk here has daylilies outside on the driveway side. On the inside are yellow roses, beginning to make a show with white Pentas.

Happy Bloom Day with 'Julia Child' -- my fav yellow rose.

Join the fun for Bloom day at May Dreams Gardens.


Alison said...

Love the California poppies with the blue Salvia, so pretty!

Bernie H said...

Even though there may not be as many bloomers as expected, your garden still looks lovely.

The Jasmine must be saturating the air. It's enormous. I loved the yellow Poppy and blue Salvia combination, and the yellow Rose and white Pentas pairing as well.

Donna said...

I love the bed with echinacea and poppies...

Les said...

We look forward to the overpowering fragrance of Trachelospermum. It does a great job at hiding the smell of dog.

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