May 05, 2012

Favorites as We Move toward a Summer Garden

Sammy Russell daylily
I'm always glad when I can show more than one blossom.
The groundcover is dichondra. I let it grow or pull it
depending on my notion for a particular spot.

Salmon Sheen contrasts with Blue
Hydrangea against the white of H. Quercifolia.

Brugs remind me of Ballet Dancers
I've given them companions including
'Halcyon' Hosta just emerging.

'Siloam Ury Winniford' with Echinacea

A single white-throated Corn Poppy
among the dark centered ones. Papaver
rhoeas is scarcer than usual this year. Blame
the scarcity of poppies on a mild winter. I know
some P. somniferum died from hot sun as
very small winter seedlings.

 The first Black-eyed Susan blooms in front
of Calfornia poppies and Larkspur.

White California Poppy -- seed for this came
from Carolyn in California.
The cudweed in front could be a host for
a butterfly, or I could pull it.

Ratibida and Lantana montevidensis.
Ratibida can get weedy. Weedy flowers get haircuts when
they're out of control -- that works for me, too.
A good haircut always encourages me to behave.

When I went to the mailbox, I noticed how well yellow
Lantana is starting to bloom. As the yellow picks up,
lavender may cut back a little in the heat.

Larkspur, California Poppies and Ratibida.
Soon there will be Tithonia and Melampodium here as
seedlings are coming on quickly from last year's Tithonia seed pods
left on the ground where they were to grow. Melampodium are
self-cleaning, self sowing, heat and drought resistant. The only
thing about Melampodium is, butterflies find no nectar on it.

Butterflies are still infrequent visitors. Those who do visit find plenty of nectar and hosts.
Pipevine is plentiful in the far back yard. Asimina awaits Zebras. Many of the host plants here are self-planted. I contributed Parsley scattered throughout nectar plants for Black Swallowtails.


Jeanette said...

Your daylilies are lovely. I tried enriching the soil with lava sand and shale pebbles. We will see if that helps. I was so disappointed last year. I mostly have yellows. They have not flowered yet. Nice to see yours are popping out! Love your comment about Ratibida and haircut.

Bernie H said...

Love those Sammy Russell Daylilies. The Salmon Queen, Blue Hydrangea and the Quercifolia is a brilliant combination. What caught my eye today though, was the Ratibida and Lantana pairing. Those Ratibida are fabulous things!

Angela said...

I love the pictures of the day lillies. Excellent color combinations.

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