May 23, 2012

Journey through a Stroll Garden Part II

The journey begins with the first gardenias, seen here in the distance past ancient boxwoods that await my next whim of pruning.

We could have taken a longer stroll around past pink Crape Myrtles already in bloom or circled in the other direction down a laneway where Fiesta plants like Tecoma stans are already blooming.

Laneway is a new garden word that I learned on Pinterest. When I saw the photo that was described as a laneway, I thought, “oh, that’s what we call a field road. I had not thought of it as a desirable feature, just ruts where the tractor tires run. It does add an horizontal element.

The laneway runs along a tree line that used to be a pasture fence. On the other side grow pears and blueberries.

The view from my kitchen window looks past the birdbath to blueberries just visible at upper right.
A stroll garden demands a destination. What better place to end than where there is something good to eat? We’ve already had one pie and have blueberries enough for one for tomorrow’s lunch.


I’ve forgotten the names of the different cultivars but the best ones end or begin with ‘Tif’ for the University Gardens where they were developed to thrive in the sandy soil of the Coastal Plain.

I am re-reading ‘The Inward Garden’ by Julie Moir Messervy. It has given much inspiration for elements of a stroll garden.

Part I of the Stroll Garden may be read on my Seedscatterer Wordpress blog where it may be easier for some of you to comment.


bakingbarb said...

Thank you for stopping by OneADayInTheGarden! (thats a long word)
I checked out both blog posts and love them both, you have so many beautiful gardens and plants.
What yellow flowers are next to the laneway? And you have a bottle tree!!! I've always wanted one but want the placement to be just right, yours looks perfect!

Sonia said...

Your garden is gorgeous! Love the variety of plants you grow! Just beautiful!
Miss Bloomers

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