May 13, 2012

Red Roses on a Blue Bottle Tree

Some garden vignettes take years to evolve. I started out with a Red Cascade rose, just a rooted piece from Janie's garden, sent by mail. I planted it where it could scramble up one of my Improvisational Carpentry pieces which had a tiny bench incorporated at the time.

Eventually the arch evolved into just some posts and I took down part of it. The rose grew and preferred to spread horizontally. I forced it upward with some side pieces on the structure.

Bottle tree with a Ductile Iron Monkey.

My original bottle tree rotted off at the ground. I made a new bottle tree using an old pitchfork. I didn't like it much. One day I realized that the Rose trellis could hold bottles.

Red Roses for Mother's Day.

They don't bottle Arizona Tea in glass bottles any more. I found one of those new blue beer bottles on the roadside recently. I'm watching for more.

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