May 02, 2012

The Search for a Daylily to Match a Knockout Rose

This is as close as I've come for daylilies to edge Knockout Roses.

Most of my red daylilies look too scarlet or lean toward brown when I place a Knockout beside them. 'Little Business' is short enough to act as an edger and rosy enough to blend with the roses.

There is Knockout, pink Knockout, and Belinda's Dream in the bed. The pinker roses are fine with Little Biz.

Little Business

This red seedling will be fine when the pink Brugmansia behind it blooms.
It took on a brown tone when I held Knockout next to it.

This one looked sallow beside Knockout.
'Olive Bailey Langdon' -- officially a purple.

Here's a curiosity: when I watered overhead the bed where this Brug
grows, the buds were not open. Later in the evening, they opened WHITE.

This morning they're back to their lovely pink selves.

I'm pacing the transplanting of the rest of my cuttings and seedlings and potted delights.

Today I managed to plant 2 Gerbera Daisies and four pale pink Pentas, after I dug enough liriope from the bed to edge the front of the bed where the red Pentas grow. No wonder progress is slow!

After I cooled a bit, I went back to transplant echinacea seedlings from one of the paths after I dug out grass behind the daylilies where they were to go. I managed to get one moved, went to water where two Purple Datura seedlings are to go and never got back to my first task.

A man in a camper broke down in front of the house. After it cooled down and he added water to the radiator they journeyed on, his significant other following behind in a little car. They had 10 miles to go to get home. She and I talked flowers and I gave her rosemary cuttings, oregano sprouts, and some gardenia cuttings to try to root.

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