July 21, 2012

Big Purple Vines just tend to Take Over. Haircut in the Greenhouse.

I took a hard look at the greenhouse.

Purple alternanthera that survived all last summer and all last winter bloomed and shed seeds all over. The original plant must have roots to China. I cut it to the ground and pulled up a bunch of seedlings.
Some the limbs were almost six feet long, reching for the roof.

There's room now for more vegetables under the fogger.
I don't think the Purple stuff made that much shade that it will be hotter.
The amaryllis and daylily seedlings on the shelf may have to go back to the floor.

I found things that had disappeared, like the little pineapple lamp on top the breaker box safely out of the damp. It was too hot to do a lot more work.

There were even alternanthera seedlings in my broken pot succulent planter. The moist environment has made sedum acre leggy. I'm not sure why there's a red coffee can sitting here.

Pepper leaves are curling from the extra water.
Will relocate them back behind where they get less water.

The rose in the center bloomed. I've already deadheaded it.
The striped canna needs to go out in the garden.

Tomatoes seem to be happy.

Eggplant leaves and another tomato. Over behind are some Christmas
cacti cuttings.  I'm rethinking the greenhouse this next season because
this is the first year I'm bringing vegetables inside. Some ornamentals
that I tried out in prior years may have to be let go.

Next month I'll start seedlings of things like violas.
If August is unbearably hot, they may have to go out to
the Secret Garden where some tropicals are summering.

I brought my Heliconia outside today because it had some
yellowed leaves. Then I noticed it has new growth as well. 
It might just go back inside and remain a houseplant.
These eggplants have borne fruit; I'm hoping
for more from these blossoms.


Autumn Belle said...

The vegetable plants seem happy having ornamentals as their companion in the greenhouse. The egg plant flowers are actually quite pretty.

ImSoVintage said...

Lucky you to have a greenhouse. I am looking forward to see how your plants continue to do. :)

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