August 12, 2012

August in the Greenhouse

This is the first year that we have left the greenhouse intact and some plants have remained inside. Most went out to be planted or are summering in the 'secret garden' under a big juniper tree.

Vegetables have rotated in and out. Tomatoes actually ripened in the greenhouse.

White lantana cuttings rooted, Gerbera seedlings bumped up to a bigger
pot. The little plant sitting on an upended pot is a pink rose cutting.
It has a another bud and has already bloomed once.

Eggplants are my fav to grow. They're not quite as watering-sensitive as tomatoes.

Amaryllis and daylilies from seed. Wider leaves
are hippeastrum.

Miss Winnie brought me a half dozen
cuttings. I pinched some little pieces 
to make even more plants, in the yellow tray.
All are Christmas Cacti except for one Easter.

I cut and rolled grapevine to start balls for Rainforest Drops.
Steve Asbell puts Tillandsias and Rhipsalis in his.
I plan to use Christmas Cacti and Resurrection fern,
mainly because that is what I've plenty.

Schlumbergia cuttings and fern

I think this Epiphyllum will quickly be too big for
a Rainforest Drop. They get heavy. I think the
Bromeliad behind it will be heavy, too.
All these will go back inside before frost.

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