August 29, 2012

Pomodori Benne, my Tomato Bucket

Typed the words, tomatoes bucket, into Google translator and decided that pomodori benne looked good. That's tomatoes bucket in Portuguese.

Retyped pomodori benne into MS Paint in a size that I thought would work. It takes experimenting.
Saved the .jpg file. Pulled the file into PhotoSuite, my fav for manipulating pics.

Resized. Flipped horizontally. Printed. My method to transfer the printed words failed. Never mind.

Flipped it back. Printed. Marked the back with some 40 year old oil pastel I found in the garage.
Burnished the front transferring the letters onto a piece of brown paper also found in the garage using a table knife handle.

Went over the transferred letters with the oil pastel stick. Diluted some school glue with water, went over the letters to set.

Used the rest of the glue/water mix to glue the brown paper to the tomato bucket. Trimmed the bottom edge with an old piece of unfurled paper twist from the garage pasted on with school glue.

I was not making an heirloom container here, just covering the printing on the side of the bucket using things at hand. I need to use up in a creative way all the craft materials I've been saving for 30-40 years.

I cut back many of my container veggies and some came back all nice and new. This tomato plant persisted without cutting back and has grown straight up and has some little fruits at the top.
Tomato Bucket

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