September 29, 2012

Copy Cat of a Knock-Off

I look forward to reading the blog Knock Off Decor where she features bloggers who go to Pottery Barn and other upscale places to get ideas to copy.

Today she linked to Infuse with Liz who managed a great Pottery Barn type centerpiece using Indian corn around a huge bowl and a vase with a candle.

Here's my  'use what is at hand' version in progress on the back of my Mule truck where I put it together straight from the field:

The originals used a large container with decorative corn
fastened to the outside. I put field corn inside the bowl.
A tall cylinder vase sits on a small flowerpot that helps
hold the corn and an upside down pot saucer for the vase.
The cylinder is filled with dry shelled corn dropped by
the corn picker. I scooped it off the ground to use as filler.

I look forward to finding a dark color candle,
brown or orange to replace the cream color.

I carefully saved loose shucks and corn silks
in case I decide to make corn husk dollies.
Here are the Pottery Barn and Liz versions on Liz's blog:


Ally said...

Wow, look at all that beautiful corn. What a nice display! My chickens would be in hog heaven. They have a thing for cracked corn.

NellJean said...

Isn't it pretty? I used to go out and pick up ears of corn that were dropped by the machinery and bring it to my cows for a treat.

No cows here any more, so I'm just picking it up for decors. The Church will have a Fall Festival party soon and I'll contribute my corn. Today I'm going to search for citrons along the fields. The children are going to decorate citrons instead of pumpkins -- cost effective use of common weeds.

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