September 20, 2012

White Garden around the Greenhouse

Phildelphus inodorus blooming in April

It's a start. I dug two Philadelphus suckers to put at the northwest and southwest corners at front. I wanted little trees that are bare in winter and bloom early spring. Mock orange blooms just after Dogwoods here, with bloom continuing into May. Kept pruned upward, they make a graceful arching small tree.

White Datura, if only for the night fragrance.
Big plans, slow progress with these beds. Five of 6 white lantana rooted; really 6 rooted but during the event with the squirrel in the greenhouse one broke off at the soil line.  I stuck another piece in the flat but whether it roots remains to be seen. Five will probably fill the south side bed in short order next summer.
Tattered Tiger on White lantana.

Ice Follies

I'm still deciding whether to put some white daffodils along the south side. The north side can have most anything that likes shade, maybe some Thalia triandrus Daffodils followed by white Begonias.

 Pink Gerbera

If seedling Gerbera daisies turn out palest pink/near white, they may go on the sunny south side. The daisy seedlings are in 4" pots now and most look great.  The Gerbera above is the one that seeds came from. I think. These are most like species Gerberas, rather than the showy hybrids usually seen in garden centers with fat rounded petals in bright colors.

White pentas, palest pink is good, too.
Unless every cutting fails, I'll surely have white pentas along with white lantana. Butterflies seem to like white Pentas every bit as well as brighter colors.

Sometimes I have to think of new ways to use old plants. Spider plants abound in pots and planters. They do well in the ground and would make a great green and white edging.
String Lily crinums make a stunning addition.
Violas in pots last winter.
Not sure about all white violas; winter needs color.
Seen though a Camellia tree last winter.
I'm always hopeful of blooms and fragrance year around. White or blue hyacinths will scent the greenhouse in winter, daffodils outside in March. No fragrance from my Mock Orange, but warm weather will bring out Daturas for summer nights bloom. Gardenias nearby in June.  Lantanas, Gerberas and Pentas have no fragrance but bloom all summer until hard frost.

I'm linking to Tootsie's Flaunt Your Flowers Friday Fertilizer meme.
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Darla said...

Is the Gerbera foliage the same as the hybrids? Do you have an all white garden or are you just fond of white flowers? Your whole yard must be a moon garden.

Anonymous said...

You have some beautiful whites. I love the white/pale pink gerbera daisy.

Yael from Home Garden Diggers

Beth said...

Lucky you to have gardenias and mock orange! I can tell you really like white in your garden. I do too. I have an area that is all white and I call it a moon garden. Your datura are lovely and so is the white lantana. Have a great wknd!

NellJean said...

The Front Garden has orange, purple, chartreuse and palest yellow. The Upper Garden has pinks from palest to rosiest and lots of white at certain times of the year. There's a Fiesta area with reds and oranges. A white garden was already forming itself with Dogwoods and Gardenias when I got the idea to make a White Garden around the greenhouse.

Update on Philadelphus: The sun got so hot after I planted them, I thought they were goners. All the leaves fell off and now there is tiny new foliage. I'm hoping they make great roots during the winter when these leaves fall after frost.

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