October 15, 2012

Bloom Day in the Greenhouse

It isn't the time of the year for greenhouse blooms; there are only a few.

Firecracker Fern and a few Lantana blooms.
White Lantana -- cuttings for a white garden in the spring.
Pentas cuttings brought in some moth caterpillars, so they are
a little chewed. They will recover.
Waiting in shade to go inside: pink Wax Begonia.
White begonia cuttings are inside, just starting.
I rescued a red begonia seedling that just came up at the
edge of the pavers. It was blooming in two months.
Potted Violas are  in a bit of shade, waiting to go up front outside the doors when it gets cooler.
Eggplants, peppers and tomatoes are
 waiting in sun until time to go inside.
New Amaryllis bulbs are here and await potting a little nearer Christmas. Hyacinth bulbs are in a refrigerator where no apples or other fruit will be stored, chilling for later potting. Last year's Amaryllis: one started to grow after I put it in the dark to rest so it is out again; another is still resting. Some Amaryllis seedlings are in the greenhouse to grow on. 
Camellia sasanquas are starting to bloom.
Come with me to Seedscatterer blog to see
what is still blooming outside here.
Let's go to May Dreams Gardens where Roses and Clematis and Sedums are still blooming and see what blossoms other gardeners have on this Bloom Day. 



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