October 10, 2012

Plants Coming in out of the Cold

Tender plants are migrating to the greenhouse, a few at a time. They need to acclimate before there's a sharp drop in temperatures. Our nighttime temps are still in the 50s but that can change at any time.

Today I brought in the Bromeliads, 5 Neoregelia pups from a single plant now dying and the same old Vriesea that the cat shredded some of the leaves. They've been in shade. Maybe brighter light will make the Neoregelias a brighter color.

I tucked my Heliconia that has taken on new life into the corner on an old metal stool with airplane plants in front ot it. The newly cleaned fountain came to life surrounded by gingers, ferns, calla lily plants and Persian Shield cuttings. Water adds a pleasant sound.

Room for tomatoes, eggplants and peppers is going to be at a premium. The broken pot with sedum acre and graptopetalum went out by Ike's porch with a flat of graptopetalum on the opposite side. All these plants are cold hardy here except the althernanthera.

Epiphyllums came in and are sharing space with Ike the Cat. One I shoved into one of the new shelf units, to see if it can spend the winter there. I'm learning that the worst old yellow leaves will take a new life in a pot of fresh soil. This one may turn into a mother plant, come spring.

Syngoniums are in, one tucked under a table. Angel-wing begonia joined them after it was repotted. The syngoniums may need more light but they seemed happy under the cedar tree with a little late evening sun.

I'm trying to plan for a spot for every hyacinth and three amaryllis to sit for best display. Might just set their pots around, label and wait. The only plant left to come inside for sure is my Christmas cactus. I'm trying to wait for it to put on buds before I bring it in.

The cuttings from my Christmas cactus are in a grapevine ball with one of the bromeliads on top. The cuttings from Miss Winnie are all in 3" pots for now and look good. There are 6 of them and four extra rooted pieces.

The Firecracker fern looks good. The main plant is still blooming. The broken pieces are rooted but dropped all the blooms -- looks as if there may be seeds on there.

I picked little green worms off the rooted Pentas cuttings. Yes, I know, caterpillars. Moths, actually. I am battling moth larvae and white fly. Soap solution for white fly works for me.

Mercifully so far white fly has skipped the 8 rooted gardenias. Anoles and toads are doing their best to keep up with pest control. Anoles have to keep an eye out for Ike, who is watching them.

I'll be Flaunting these Flowers on Fertilizer Friday up at Tootsie Time.


Kathy said...

What are your bungee cords holding? They seem to be holding your windows closed?

Jean Campbell said...

They do hold the vent windows in the roof. The window fasteners allow movement especially in the open positions; bungee cords just help make sure the windows don't fly open and rip off.

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