November 14, 2012

Thinking Outside the Pot

Not all house plants must grow in a traditional pot. Steve Asbell introduced me to the idea of plants growing in a grapevine ball.

My homemade grapevine balls are loose and clumsy. I expect the plants to eventually take over so the vehicle is simply a tool. Grapevines are abundant here, so maybe my wrapping technique will improve. Enough space has to remain so that long-cut moss and the root balls of plants can be inserted. Rooting cuttings in a tray with a long thing root bed seems ideal.

I used what is at hand here: Christmas Cactus cuttings, Graptopetalum rosettes and Resurrection fern, topped off with a Bromeliad pup.

Hanging is not convenient, so I set the sphere in an old clay pot with lots of patina. The pot sits in a bonsai saucer or on a tray of pebbles, depending on my whim as I search for an ideal spot.
Later I set the ball into the top of a decorative cache pot.
See at the bottom, there's a frond of Resurrection Fern?
Resurrection Fern turned out not ideal for a Moss Ball.
This fern likes a constantly moist surface and plenty of humidity. Once it dries out, I have a hard time 'resurrecting' it. Next I will try some kind of dainty fern that came up in the Greenhouse floor.
Graptopetalum makes a good contrast to finer foliage. Its only drawback is that it tends to get leggy. I just break off and restick when it begins to hang on a long stem.

Only the fern at the bottom retains enough water
 to stay green and not all of it looks hydrated.

I can hardly wait for the Schlumbergera to
open, six weeks before Christmas.

November 10, 2012

Ike Gives a Tour of his Domain

Come right in, Ike give tour.
These plants grow good, Ike give them attention.
Rogue petunia come up in Violas, not Ike fault.
First of planted trays fall upside on floor, not Ike fault, either. Dog!

Meowm puts fragile plants in heavy crockery. Ike no tip over cache pots.
Amaryllis have big bud.

Ike have runway to back on shelf behind this staging.
Firecracker fern and Graptopetalum good companions.
Ike not know why Ghost Plant leaves fall off so easily.
Peeper frog hide in Bromeliad. Ike stalk anoles.
Anoles, frogs and toads help with pest control.
Ike keep mousez away, also squirrelz.
      Ike lie on bottom shelf of wicker stand.
Ike love bed, best seat in greenhouse.
Heliconia blossom.
Christmas cactus have budz;
if Ike break stem, root more plants.
See below in little blue pot top left.
Ike not worry, every piece root.
Meowm buy bromeliad for 2 bucks, in tiny green pot.
Now happy in big pot.
Bromeliad have babies growing already.
Ike love on Epiphyllums, make grow.
Step on rooting cuttings, get scold.
Bromeliad and Christmas cactus.

You come back, see Ike plantz grow.
Ike love attention.


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