December 30, 2012

A Last Look in the Greenhouse, 2012

This will be the last peek into the greenhouse for 2012. Christmas flowers turned out differently than I had envisioned.

'Nymph' Amaryllis still has not bloomed, so it moved into the house to see if consistently warmer temps will encourage it. It has a second fat bud trying to catch the tardy one. 'Benfica' which bloomed so magnificently is fading as a second scape rushes to fill in.

Bird of Paradise foliage and fern underplanted gives the
tropical look that I love. Schlumbergera on the back wall
are fading fast. Last to bloom was a peach color, which
we'll see in a moment.

Freezing temps last night and predicted for
tonight sent my seedling veggies inside.
Spinach, carrots and lettuces.

Sweet William seedlings will go outside soon. The awkward
cuttings are Brugmansias and behind them, small
cuttings of Gardenias for a hedge when summer
arrives. They grow fast once planted out.
Under the bench is a huge Epiphyllum oxypetalum
peeking out. They have to be tucked somewhere
for winter protection and don't seem to mind where.

Graptophyllum and Rusellia make good companions.
The Firecracker Fern has bloomed since I brought it in.
Pentas cuttings and more Epiphyllums are behind.
Pineapple Sage adds more red blooms. Red is
the January color in here until hyacinths
bloom in blue and peach.

If you look closely you can see a green tomato.
Container vegetables are new this winter in
the greenhouse.
The last Christmas Cactus to bloom and buds
remain. We had blossoms in pink, scarlet,
white, yellow and peach.

I bought this Staghorn in a tiny pot last January.

More red: a Begonia that seeded itself into the floor last fall. I dug it
and planted in a pot. Surrounded by Bromeliads, it seems happy.
Viola seedlings I potted up seem happy, too in a turquoise strawberry pot.
I had hope for at least green leaves for Christmas
if not blooming hyacinths. They finally have
green tips. My new Tillandsia arches above.
A last look at the seedling Begonia and some Bromeliads.
I want to have a seating area and a tea table and more accoutrements to make my greenhouse look like those on Pinterest that are so pretty and interesting. Somehow bits of cuttings and little seedlings and emerging bulbs just take up all the room.
The cat demands his space and the dog really needs room to turn around to leave rather than backing out like she did today when seedling containers temporarily blocked the path. Nights will be above freezing after tonight and we can clear the path. When heaters are not needed at night, I can move them out of the way as well.
Tonight's low is predicted 32 degrees F. The next few nights will be above freezing. On freezing nights I have 2 electric heaters set on low.
Happy New Year from the Greenhouse.


janie said...

I see those greenhouses similar to yours on sale quite often. Could you find another, and add it to what you have? Kind of double your space in one fell swoop? That would give you room for a tea space, dog space, and cat spot, as well as plenty of room for additional plants.
I have not started seeds indoors yet. I have put in lots of seeds in the garden, but we are going to have to change the configuration of our garden due to Bobby's new shop, so I can't plant everything I would like to plant. I am going to grow only vegetables that we love; no more growing things just because I like watching them grow. Maybe I could put just one or two in a pot.....
I love your greenhouse. Mine is being used as a storage space until we can get Bobby's shop built. I can use it again next year.

Clint Baker said...

Happy New Year to You!

I Blog Here & Here too