December 01, 2012

Blooming December First

Anxiously awaited, they're finally opening -- not all at once.

Growing in moss inside a grapevine sphere.

First white blossom.
Cutting rooted this summer.
Tillandsia cyanea I bought just recently,
blue blooms coming out of pink bracts.


Mathotiana Camellia.

Sissy planted this more than 40 years ago.
It was pulled up because it was too close to the house.
Eventually it grew back from the roots.
Still to close to the house, I just prune it back.
These first early blooms are larger than usual.
So pretty.

Joining Tootsie for to Flaunt our Flowers on Fertilizer Friday. It's cold where Tootsie gardens and she's wrapped up her greenhouse because it is cold and snowy outside there. I picked up pecans wearing a tee shirt and jeans here today. We've had a frost and many tender plants are gone here.


kenju said...

You are quite the gardener!! Love the cacti.

Alicia said...

Love the flowers. A friend once had the cacti type flowers and it's a plant I have always wanted to grow. Beautiful flowers.

Tootsie said...

I have christmas cacti....they seem to bloom every other month or so...I find them easy to grow...and I love to see them so happy that they show me some color.
thanks for linking in this week...I hope you will again soon!

Tootsie said...

I also wanted to mention that I am your newest follower!

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