December 08, 2012

It's Beginning to look a Lot like Christmas Cactus

The Schlumbergera cuttings taken back in the early fall are in bud. My original Christmas Cactus bought after Christmas some years back is in full bloom.

Purchased at a big box store after Christmas at a bargain.
Repotted twice since and gave up six cuttings last summer.
White Christmas Cactus is so elegant.
This was a recent cutting from Ms. Trudy.
The others have not bloomed but are in bud.
I can hardly wait to see the colors.
These next three pics are of rooted cuttings that I stuck in a
grapevine ball full of moss along with some Graptopetalum
and some resurrection fern with a bromeliad on top.

A better view of Graptopetalum and the bromeliad.

From yet another direction. This gets daily watering while
we are having a warm spell. It sits atop a closed pot.
The Christmas flowers are spacing themselves for a long season.
There are Schlumbergeras that are just coming into bud.
An Amaryllis is almost ready to bloom, another just peeking
out of the bulb. Another that I hope to see before Spring
is from last year and I'm hoping for rebloom.
Also in the greenhouse are Pineapple sage in bloom, four nice
cuttings from Susie to whom I gave S. elegans before mine died
and she's returned the favor. Firecracker Fern has bloomed
nonstop since it came inside, and red begonias. All are festive.
One last peek at the White Christmas Cactus.
By Christmas we should have white Kalanchoe blooms.

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