December 25, 2012

Just in Time for Christmas

Schlumbergera blooms according to a schedule of watering, light and some internal Christmas Cactus triggers that I cannot explain.

Merry Christmas from the Greenhouse.

1 - This is the first bloom on this color.
Is it called Salmon, Peach or Orange?

2 - Almost open.

3 - This cutting was rooted at the end of summer and still made it to
bloom in time. The blue cache pot turned out an excellent choice.
Scarlet plants have been in bloom since
Thanksgiving. Some of the smaller cuttings
have just started, all scarlet save one are
from the same plant.

White was earliest bloomer of the cuttings from Miss Trudy.
It still has open blooms but many have faded.
Almost too late, I realized I never uploaded a pic of
 yellow Schlumbergera, subtly distinguished from the white.
In other news:
The hoped-for Hyacinths are finally showing tiny green tips.
I'd hoped for blooms to wrap in moss and raffia for Christmas.
They'll be Valentine favors. My timing was a little off.
These are Blue Jacket, note the purple bulbs.
Gypsy Queen's bulbs are White and bloom a peachy pink.
Some years I buy mixed Hyacinths, separate by color and
plant like color bulbs together. Sometimes you get a range of
a single color like blue, sometimes you get real surprises!

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