January 01, 2013

In with the New in the Greenhouse

Pinterest users post the most incredible photos of small greenhouses and potting sheds with comments like 'Someday' or 'Dream in the Garden.' I want my greenhouse to be photo-worthy too but there are some obstacles to styling the way one sees in photos.

Here's my potting bench when it was almost brand-new.

Here's the potting bench in 2011. The old medicine cabinet on the end had to move because it got too much moisture from the fogger installed  this year.

There has to be a clear space on the right for the cat to jump up to follow a catwalk that takes him to his special spots on the end wall.

On the opposite wall, the electrical panel had to be protected from possible drips during a rain. A piece of plastic guttering did the job but was not pleasing to the eye. Neither is the plastic shield that protects the timer from the sun but both are practical.

Yesterday when I was doing some winter pruning, I cut wild grapevine out of an azalea bed where it  tried to take over. I doubled the longest pieces and wound the shorter pieces around them.

Garland is fastened with some salvaged copper wire.
My pictures do not do the garland justice. It does a quite passable job of drawing attention to itself rather than the gutter.
During Christmas, I saw several mantels decorated with grapevine and various trinkets.
By Valentine's Day I'm hopeful of additional decors.

The Christmas Cactuses all bloomed: yellow and peach have new buds opening. Hyacinths have little green tips that promise blooms in coming weeks.
Viola seedlings have blooms.
Seedlings and cuttings are not always photogenic.
I delight in each one, regardless.

Belinda's Dream
Roses in December, from a cutting.
Welcome, 2013.
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Tina´s PicStory said...

lovely flowers! :)

Beth said...

What a lovely assortment of bloomers in your greenhouse! I really enjoyed seeing them. I do like the grapevine garland too.

Alicia said...

What a fantastic little space for growing, it's like a gardeners haven. I love all the pretty flowers and foliage in there too. The vine looks good and I love your potting bench!

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