January 10, 2013

Rearranged the Greenhouse Furniture

There isn't that much room to begin with. Plants tend to hang out over the walkways. Esthetics begin to plague me. We must be able to walk all the way around and I have to reach everything to hand water.

The shelf unit was against the shelf on the north wall. Changed it out with
the little table in the center. It has hardly a larger footprint than the table and
a metal stool on which a tall plant sat. The metal cart that partly blocked
the door is now in the back. I've covered part of the patchwork floor.
My thinking was that the shelves are taller but their openness keeps them from looking  as bulky as I'd feared. Trays of seedlings and cuttings can get sun here while tall plants sit on the top.
The ability to walk all the way around whatever is in the center
is primary. The camera caught the ventilating fan in a way that
it doesn't appear to be turnng but it was.
Tomato plants lean against the water barrels behind a burlap skirt.
I was reading formulas for figuring how muich thermal mass per square foot.
We need three times as many barrels for most effective temperature
mediation. If I had 8 more barrels, we'd have no room to walk around.
We'll just make do with supplemental heat. Two small heaters on low
have worked well to keep plants from freezing in our coldest winters.
We ate a tomato tonight that
I had tossed into the basket where compostables go when it fell
off the vine. I thought it too small to ripen. I knocked the basket over
today and the ripe tomato rolled out. Tiny, but tasty.

Here's Ike in his wicker perch surrounded by Epipyllums. They are the
bulkiest plants in the greenhouse and awkward to place. Ike's pot of
Lemon grass is the red one in the center. It helps keep him from
shredding leaves of whatever is near him. He loves to shred Bromeliads.
A sudden rainshower caught me inside, so I made pictures.
This is a homemade fogger with three nozzles. It helps with
climate control, both humidity and summer temperatures.
I want to move the potting bench farther toward the back so
that it doesn't get so wet when the fogger is in use. I measured
and it looks as if the shelf unit will fit into that space.
Sounds to me like a summer project since I don't want
tender plants on the north wall now.

The entire water system:
a single faucet with a Y which controls
water to the fogger on the left and a short
hose on the right that I use to fill watering cans.
We put the greenhouse together late in 2007.
We've made it work.
Green tips have emerged on all the hyacinths.
I used to set pots of forcing bulbs in the utility
room sink. This is better.
This is the only seat right now other than the step
stool that I use mostly to reach plants that are too
high for me to water from the floor. I sat there
until the rain shower was over.
This is a little bench that my late father in law built.
Today was unusually warm for January. I'm always concerned that we'll get a storm with high winds when there are warm breezes from the south. Fortunately the rain was straight down, no wind.



Beth said...

How wonderful to have a ripe tomato to eat in January! Your greenhouse is very nice. Love seeing the begonias and Christmas cactus too.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I had to come look at your greenhouse...I have a staghorn fern too in that exact planter...My greenhouse might be bigger but your's is definitely fancier (the right word)...has a ton of bells and whistles that I am envious of......flowers are wonderful!

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