January 19, 2013

Today In and Out of the Greenhouse

There at bottom right, see that tray of fine foliage? Sweet Williams.

Twenty-three Sweet Williams planted out after I brought in a wheel-
barrow load of compost. Oh! I forgot to make a picture of the compost in
the old galvanized cattle trough, a real oddity.
One the plants were in and watered, I hauled pine straw to cover the bed.
The little Wms. are tucked under pine straw since I made the pic.
We're expecting some freezing weather Tuesday night.
Back inside, some random views:
The final layout with the shelving on the left at right angles to
the north wall shelf.

Every picture has at least one bromeliad.
This one tops the sphere of Schlumbergera.

Up close.

A big Noregelia. I started out with one.
Now there are six and the mother plant is dead.

Tomatoes? In January?

More Noregelias and some Brugmansia cuttings.
Christmas cactus babies up close. I need to take more cuttings.

Spinach and Lettuce

Carrots and more Spinach
Need to thin.

Benfica's second bloom. The old bloom stalk is just visible.
Next year I plan to have 3 Amaryllis plants, all alike.
Haven't decided on the cultivar yet. Will be a single.
Will not be scarlet nor persimmon color.
Maybe Appleblossom, an old but favorite Hippeastrum.
Maybe white and white hyacinths. Or Benfica again.
I'm thinking of Christmas when we've not reached Spring yet.
I should be planting seeds.

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Margaret T. said...

So good to see tomatoes! Maybe there is hope for mine yet... Like the idea of can'tting the shelves at right angles - have more than enough space in my big greenhouse to do that. Thinking about getting more four-tiered shelves for flats. Love the blog! Keep up the good work!

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