January 07, 2013

Utilize Hobby Greenhouse Space for Pleasure or Growing?

I want a lovely place to have lunch at a table with a pretty cloth and centerpiece and a place to sit and read a book, warm and out of the wind .

Wait! I need spaces for cuttings to grow for delight of next summer's butterflies. Where shall all the bulbs go while they're bringing forth out of season blossoms? Where will tiny seedlings be coddled into huge plants for spring? Whose greenhouse is this?

Banner of vintage ribbons.
There was a recent discussion on a blog  about Graptopetalum and another about Rusellia equisetiformis, combined here. Rusellia sent up a 3-foot stalk and another is forming.
What a beautiful thug! Red blooms!
This tiny plant brought forth an orange pepper.  No, two!
We'll eat one soon.
We'll soon be eating Baby Spinach. Carrots are forming true leaves.
I find thinning the hardest task. Seeds are from Renee's Seeds.
Until a hard freeze threatens, these can sit on Ike's porch on the front.
Christmas Cactuses are still blooming; these are the last.
Yellow and Peach. Pretty. I want to make more grapevine
balls filled with moss and planted with rooted cuttings.
When we go to the city I'll look for Rhapsalis and Tillansias.

Plans for nest year include Begonias again.
Bromeliads behind have a spot reserved on
the grapevine balls yet to make.

'Nymph' Amaryllis started out in the greenhouse but is in the house
now for pleasure in watching the buds unfurl.
The dark red Hippeastrum rotated back to the greenhouse until the secondary
bud opens. It's still growing upward.
Today I pulled a rusty metal kitchen cart from the toolshed and returned it to the greenhouse just inside the door. I must decide whether to dump a Heliconia that is struggling or just cut it to the ground and stick it under a bench. Pineapple sage and Persian Shield might be happier bumped up to bigger pots. It may not matter whether there's a tea table and a comfortable chair. There may not be time for anything but catering to plants. There are seeds to plant for early starts. The list is endless.  
Which would you rather, a picture book space or dozens of cuttings and seedlings and bulbs?

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