February 15, 2013

Bloom Day in the Greenhouse February, 2013

Remember that this is a hobby greenhouse, inexpensive but affordable as compared to the better quality structures usually seen on blogs. Ten by 12 feet; a greenhouse is never big enough.

Gipsy Queen Hyacinths are nearing the end of bloom.
Hyacinths outside are blooming now. Forced in pots of soil,
these can go into the ground when they fade, to bloom again next year.

Heated by two small electric heaters set to come on low fan speed when the temperature dips below 37 degrees in a climate where prolonged freezes are rare, plants are grown for pleasure.

Pentas cuttings, not as happy as they would be in a warmer season, will
go outside for the delight of butterflies when the weather warms.
In the blue pot on the shelf above them, Neoregelia bromeliad.
Pots of Pineapple Sage with a branch of Russelia
equisetiformis hanging over them with similar blooms.
Persian Shield cuttings are blooming, blossoms usually only seen in winter.
Strobilanthes dyerianus is used in the summer garden for purple foliage.
Kalanchoe in bloom at left, cuttings in near view beginning to bloom.
Behind is a pot of pink Begonias.
I'm thinking of taking out some Begonias and putting a Neoregelia  bromeliad in
the pot with Begonias, an idea suggested by Steve Asbell of Rainforest Gardens
When warm weather comes I may combine Kalanchoes with Graptopetalum.
Thank you for visiting my greenhouse.
We're celebrating February Bloom Day with Carol of May Dreams Gardens.
My outdoor blooms are on Secrets of a Seedscatterer. February Gold is the theme.


Bernie H said...

Your hobby greenhouse is filled with loads of fabulous blooms at the moment. You just know I love those stunning Gipsy Queen Hyacinths!

Despite the fact I grow Pentas, I've never actually taken any cuttings. You're spurring me on to do just that. I lost a few at the end of last year ... a combination of old age and the long dry ... so I'm thinking of finally taking cuttings.

I think putting a Neoregelia in amongst the Begonias is a fabulous idea, and pairing Kalanchoes with Graptopetalum will look fabulous as well.

Les said...

Is it safe to be in such a small enclosed space with the intoxicating aroma of Gipsy?

NellJean said...

All that Gipsy is kind of intoxicating. I leave the door open while I'm in there.

Bernie, you should try rooting Pentas. Ever since I read there is only a 10% success rate, I'm determined to keep them going. Right now I have an 85% success, but winter isn't over.

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