February 02, 2013

Butterflies in February?

After last night's freeze, I didn't expect to see butterflies in the greenhouse this morning. At one time there were 3 American Painted Ladies. I wonder where they spent the night?

These look like the same butterflies I see out front on Lantana.
They've been quite shy about having their picture taken.
In the greenhouse, they were so busy they didn't mind when I got close.
One of them was fairly tattered. I wonder if a bird almost got him?

They were very attracted to the Hyacinths.

Side view of the closed wings.
Gipsy Queen Hyacinths are breaking color.
Those butterflies ignored them.
White Kalanchoe in bloom. Behind are 'Victoria' Salvia and
Lantana cuttings. At the front is an eggplant plant, no fruit. 

My favoritea right now are begonias. Those are tomatoes in front, even a ripe one at far left.

A last look as I go out the door.



Janie Jurkiewicz said...

If I were a butterfly that is where I would be. Okay, dumb question (of the hour) are begonias perinneals or annuals. Mine are growing great in the greenhouse but I feel like I dug up a lot of annuals that will die anyway.

HolleyGarden said...

I saw a butterfly the other day, too! (Didn't have my camera, and was too lazy to go get it.) I was shocked, though, to see butterflies in February. And I don't have a greenhouse! I can see why they were attracted to your hyacinths. I bet they could smell their perfume from miles away.

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