February 14, 2013

Display Ideas Come from Everywhere

Sitting at the piano behind the floral offerings at a funeral yesterday, I looked up to see a container on the ledge in front of me with a small Areca Palm and an Orchid plant. Lovely.

I  moved my Palm over beside the Orchids to give them more of a
Jungle ambiance.
I would never press my luck by trying to put them in a container together.
Happy Orchids last a long time in bloom.  I bought these in bloom about a month ago. 
They are in a clear pot inside a cache pot that also has a drain hole.

New buds continue to grow in the glass cylinder.
Long roots grew up the sides before I ever saw a bud.

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Karen said...

I love orchids, but have no place to grow them indoors. Your collection is so beautiful, and now, because of the idea at the funeral, you have another new display.

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